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Panama Day Nine

Posted by Team Leader on

Dear friends and family,

It’s day nine now but it still feels like we just arrived. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m having so much fun, or because we are doing so much stuff in so little time. Today was extra special because we spent much of the day at the beach getting crushed by the Pacific waves and being present for two of my fellow team members’ baptisms. My trip is almost over but it feels like it has just begun. I wish I could spend more time here, but at the same time I cant wait to get home.

-Seth McGuire 

Today is a day that I have been waiting on for many months. I had the privilege of being baptized in the Pacific Ocean in Panama, surrounded by my brothers and sisters in Christ. There are no words for the feeling of being baptized in the place that I have grown to love so much in the past two years. Being able to serve God through drama and being there to see so many people not only hear the gospel, but also accept Jesus was an amazing experience. I have seen God in many different ways this week, and cannot wait to see what else will happen on this trip.

-Alia Piechnick


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Teri Piechnick Aug 2, 2018 12:20pm

I am so honored to be able to share in Alias baptism. I am proud to be the mom of such a grounded and obedient servant. Thanks to our LORD that it happened just where HE wanted and when HE wanted and how HE wanted it to. The mission trip to this country of Panama has spoken to so many of us even though we were back in the states. Praises and glory to GOD!