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Panama Day Eight

Posted by Team Leader on

Hola Amigos (hello friends)!

 For me, the way God so uniquely works in the life of each person he has created and the power of testimonies has been a really prevalent theme this week. This is true for the testimonies of the couple the drama presentation was written about, the team members and leaders I have gotten to know, the global workers, and the community members. Today drama had the wonderful opportunity to perform at a reform home for boys. The boys were ages nine -16 and were placed there by the government to remove them from their situation (abuse, drugs, etc.) While talking with one of the men in charge of the reform home today, I saw what a heart he has for the work he is doing. The passion with which people share the gospel and work to further God’s kingdom is truly incredible. What an inspiring time to be surrounded in fellowship with, and growing alongside, other believers!

 -Zoe Rankin

 Hey everyone!!

Let me just say that this trip has been truly amazing so far in every way possible and that God is so good! One way in which I have seen God working recently in my life is with knowing that he is my strength when I am feeling powerless (when you’re powerless, Jesus rescues!). The week before we left for the trip, I was struggling with some things that I am totally powerless over and I was worried that I would not be strong enough to make it through the whole trip. God, in his awesomeness, showed me a verse that gave me his peace; I was blown away by how perfect it was for my situation. That verse is 2 Timothy 4:17, “ But the LORD stood with me and gave me strength so that I might preach the Good News in its entirety for all the Gentiles to hear. And he rescued me form certain death.” Praise God that he is my strength so that he can shine his light through me to all of the kids who we witness to.

 – Rebecca Holderbaum 

Hi guys!!

 This trip has been an amazing experience so far and I can’t believe we only have a few days left. Over the course of the past week I have been given the opportunity to serve in so many different places along side strong Christians from all age ranges. Today, the puppets and dance teams had an early performance at 9:15 and another show at 12:30 at a nearby school. At this school, aside from the dance performance and puppet show, the gospel was shared with the elementary age students through some short testimonies, and many young kids gave their life to Christ! After this, we were given the chance to see the drama team perform for the first time this trip. They performed at a reform home for children who come from broken and unsafe home situations. It was incredible for all of us to see how much the performance had changed from the slightly disorganized rehearsals to the final product we saw today. Through this performance, a group of young men who come from dire situations got to hear the gospel and many of them accepted God into their hearts. God has done amazing things in Panama this week and will continue to do so for the remainder of our trip. Even when we return home, we are praying that the passion, which he has placed in our hearts, won’t fade!

–Liana Savarirayan

Hey everyone!

 This trip has been something I never expected to do. My name is Ryan Jardine, and I’m the youngest kid on this trip. At first I was very worried about coming. I didn’t know many people on this trip. Over the past week I have met and developed amazing friendships I would have never expected to make! It is astonishing to see how amazing our God’s grace is and how it works in even the most unexpected places. Over the course of this trip, I have seen the lives of so many young kids change not only through my testimony but others as well. I am on the dance team – another unexpected thing for me – but I absolutely love it. I have met so many young kids and helped them come to Christ, but the amazing thing is how loving these kids are. The kids at the schools here are some of the most loving kids ever; they love hugs, autographs, and even just smiles. The way the Lord has worked through this team and I over the last week has made want to stay here. This trip has opened so many doors for me and amazed me in ways I would have never imagined! All I ask for is your prayers as we continue on! Thank you!

 –Ryan Jardine


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