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Panama Day 3

Posted by Team Leader on

Only Three Days in and I Never Want to Come Home

Today was a fun filled day. The schools we were supposed to go to were on strike, so we had lots of free time at the camp. We got to zipline, make friendship bracelets, and play different games. Personally, the zipline was my absolute favorite. Traci showed us how to go upside down, and of course we all tried to look just as cool as she did. We also had the chance to watch the drama group practice. They are so talented, and God is working through not just drama but through all the groups. I am on the dance team and we will go into schools and preform for elementary kids. One thing I love about Panama is how simple their life is. In the USA we are always so caught up with what celebrity is engaged, keeping up with Snapchat, or even how many followers or likes we are getting on Instagram. I’ve only been in the camp for two days, and I’m falling in love with the way they live. My parents always tell me to get off my phone and live in my life, and I finally see what they are talking about. I put down my phone and God has opened my eyes to something I’ll never forget. Panama is special. I couldn’t be happier to have this experience when I am just 15 years old.

 -Anna Arvay

Panama is Life Changing.

Today was a pretty awesome day. We got to go ziplining, and not only was it so fun but the views were AMAZING!!!! For a majority of the day we rehearsed for our performances for the school tomorrow, and it felt so good to watch everything come together in such a short amount of time. I am on the puppets team and it has opened my eyes to see just how many ways there are to spread the Gospel. Never in my life did I think that me moving a puppet’s mouth could change children’s lives, but it has happened so many times before and I am just praying it will happen again. Even if God uses me to change one child’s life and give them a hope and a reason to live through Christ, then my whole life purpose and everything that has led me to this trip and that moment will be so worth it. Of course, my purpose in going on this trip was, and still is, to lead kids to Christ but we are only three days in and this trip has already started to transform my own life as well. It has reignited a spark in me to also go back home and continue to spread the Gospel to my friends and family. The beauty of this place is truly astounding and there is absolutely nowhere else in the world that I would want to be on this Wednesday night. Something about this place is life changing and I am beyond glad that I chose to be here in this beautiful place.

-Katherine Kovac

My Perspective Will Never be the Same. 

From the moment we arrived in this beautiful country, I knew this was different than anything I have ever experienced. When we were greeted by the global workers at the airport, I immediately felt at home. Their welcoming spirits are something I will never forget. I am still so touched by their kindness and enthusiasm even when they had to pick us up in the middle of the night. Their simple, yet joyful lives are so inspiring to me. I am so fortunate and feel that through them, God is teaching me to use what I have for his glory. Joining the Panama team is something that I was unsure about and am so glad I did. I’ve never felt closer to God even when I am miles out of my comfort zone with the sweat dripping off me and the four bugs that are crawling all over the screen as I type this post. It’s only day two and I cannot wait to see all that God is going to do here in Panama.

-Laurel Eisnor


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