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Panama Day 1 – We Made It!

Posted by Team Leader on

Today is the day! We’ve arrived safely in Panama. I’m feeling a bit anxious, but for the most part, the whole team is super excited. I cannot wait for this new opportunity to reach out across the world! It definitely is quite a risk travelling to another country, but if God put it on my heart, I am all for it. I have never actually travelled this far, especially in a country where they speak mostly Spanish. I am most worried about that because my Spanish is a bit rusty. So far, the connections, even among our team, have been wonderful. I know I will love working with all the kids. It is kind of crazy to think how grateful they are, even in the hard situations they live in. I think it will really be eye opening to see a different lifestyle with so much life through them. I am, of course, afraid of the extreme heat, language barrier, and bugs, but it will definitely be worth it doing ministry here. Having never visited Panama, I am super excited about a new experience apart from our home country! Our flight was a success! Now join me in praying for our mission.

Hannah Williams (on behalf of Panama Sr. High Team)


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Amanda & Kaylee Beck Jul 17, 2018 10:32am

Hi Hannah and Panama Team,

We loved your update and our joining you in prayer.

With our hearts,

Kaylee, Ethan & Amanda Beck

Anonymous Jul 17, 2018 9:08pm

Prayers for you all

Missy Voller Jul 18, 2018 9:33am

Praise God for safe travels! Thinking about everyone and praying for God to use each one of you in the way He chooses. Also praying for Him to stretch and show Himself clearly to all. Praying for His hand of protection and blessings to be able to reach, teach and grow all involved (team & locals).

Ja Johnston Jul 23, 2018 7:36am

Glad you safely made it Hannahlee and enjoy your mission.
Love, Dad