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Panama Canal, Church and Word of Life Camp

Posted by Team Leader on

What a packed, exciting and uplifting day!    it started with a few of us visiting the Panama Canal.   What an engineering marvel.   Way to many details we learned but the most relevant was when we found out that the steel doors for the locks were made in Pittsburgh..very cool.   Kudos to Traci for being our tour guide and racing us through to see everything!

Next we visited the church where Jon Fowler (Sr High youth pastor @TBC 10+ years ago) pastors near Panama City.   His wife Bianca led worship and it was fantastic.  Jon's message was from the Word and right on  as he taught on The Church.   It was really encouraging to see old friends and mentors!

Then it was off to lunch at a local mall where we also purchased for the camp a new keyboard and microphones.  What a blessing to be able to use God's gifts to support His work at the camp through raised financial support. 

Finally we headed off to WOL Camp in Chame Panama.   We were all so pumped as it is the reason we started this mission trip.   He has an interesting way of building team unity.  A regular 90 min drive took 3 hours.  Traffic, road closures due to the Pope's visit and simply just somevhead scratching traffic patterns made the drive much longer than planned.  Even though the ride was long we had a lot of laughs and got to know each other much better.   God doesn't waste our time.

With the elongated drive, the anticipation for all of us to get to the camp was very high.  We finally arrived at 7 pm.   The staff and young staff-in-training were there to greet us.   So cool to finally be here.  For me, about 13 years of waiting.   I have seen many TBC kids from the youth ministry go and to finally put a place with all the life-changing stories was awesome!

The kids from all over Panama come tomorrow at 10 am.  We can't wait.  God give us the extra love & energy we will need to do your work this week! We know your promised Holy Spiirt will provide this for our team and all the staff.   Thank You God.


Brad B.










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Heather Bridges Jan 21, 2019 9:52am

Praying for your team! Asking the Lord to give you an extra measure of energy this week as you serve Him through those amazing kiddos. Praying for those children that come everyday to camp, that they feel the love of Jesus and are moved so deeply to make an eternal decision to follow Him for the rest of their lives. We know lives will be changed this week in Chame and we are so blessed to be a part of it back here in the US!

Jon Dixon Jan 21, 2019 3:04pm

So glad you are getting to see the sites and happy you made the long commute to camp! Our couples bible study group is praying for you all and that God blesses this week as you partner with the workers and campers. Have fun and enjoy God’s rich beauty around you!