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Panama 2020 Week Two: Tuesday, 1/21

Posted by Team Leader on

Buenos Dias! We’re keeping this one short so we can get some proper sleep tonight!

This morning continuing to focus in on Scripture about God’s love, we discussed the stewardship of God’s resources and application of 1st John 3:16-18 in our lives. He blesses us to be a blessing to others. Let us not love only in word or tongue, but in deed and in truth.

We don’t know how this day got by us, but it was a busy one! The kids woke up for a pancake breakfast and a message from a youth pastor illusionist. He really captured their attention and shared the Gospel, and was followed by small group reviews and one on ones with the counselors. 4 of us have been tasked with lifeguarding and slide duties for the week, so we’re in full force at the pool, and Fernando has been in full assistant counselor and doctor mode.  And we run the crafts time Tuesday and Thursday...we prepared some draw string bags for the campers to paint. It was all hands on deck for half of the campers!

Praises: Fun story- We decided to have our team devotional toward the front of the camp, and this van pulls in a rolls down the window and says “Jon Dixon?!” To which we were all like...hmmm are we supposed to remember these people/ “who’s asking?;)) but turns out the bag that went missing from the flight down was returned! What were the odds that we would happen to be the first people they asked at camp.  It was so cool.

Prayer requests (and update): the little girl that hurt her wrist is ok and was able to come back to camp and just have limitations on activities (which she is sad about).  But keep praying for the counselors’ energy, health and safety for all here, and these little ones to surrender their lives to Christ!


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