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Panama 2020 Week Two: Monday, 1/20

Posted by Team Leader on

The children have arrived and *should be* now fast asleep! We don’t know how they couldn’t be totally exhausted!

After the children’s exciting arrival, lunch, swimming (we got the opportunity to serve as lifeguards, but Fernando spent the day serving as doctor), games, and dinner, the kids were treated to a wonderful presentation of songs with dance moves they are going to master this week, skits, and the Gospel message from the new director Jon Fowler.   It was cool to see the way they broke out into small groups after the message to personally discuss further what was just shared with them and pray with them.

The staff here are so full of energy and are so good with the kids.  Not only the organization they have, but the love, dedication, and compassion they have is really something to witness.  They see the kids as unique individuals, and care for them well.

We happened to talk about love again this morning in our team devotional.. that God IS love, and His Word is a love story from Genesis to Revelation. And that we need to accept the love He is offering to us. Undeserved, but freely offered.

Brian got to serve the dinner plates to each child tonight, and got to look at each and every sweet face here.  So many of them are here because of sponsorships, which is just amazing. The life stories represented here in each child and staff, are vast and honestly, pretty intense.  You can see so much in their eyes!  And Julie got to hang out with a cabin of girls for the evening, which was a really sweet experience for her, and we’re sure them too.

Looking forward to the first full day of camp tomorrow- more lifeguarding, zip-line assisting, doctoring (but hopefully not too much of that), playing and talking with the kids, helping in the kitchen, crafting, and anything in between.  For now, it’s sleep time! Thank you so much for your prayers!

Praises: 180 children safely arrived at camp! The Gospel was shared! We have enough counselors for all the children!

Prayer requests: One little girl had to leave for a while to treat a hurt wrist.  For true relationships with Christ to form.  For the families of the volunteers, the missionaries, and the counselors.  Energy for all the staff and counselors- they are champs but wow they are pouring themselves out! Strong immune systems for all!


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