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Panama 2020 Week Two- Wednesday, 1/22

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We started our day by thanking God for giving us the opportunity to serve Him during this camp season. Brian Miller led our devotional with an emphasis to care for widows and orphans, James 1:27. In the past, people knew who was a Christian because they would care for the widows and the orphans.

After our devotional, we all went to our assignments for the day. I went to the enfermery and the rest of the team to help as life guards at the pool.

It is uplifting to see the happy faces of the kids as they rush to the next activity.

During the morning they had a teaching by pastor Noel Ascencio Markes. He was teaching them about how life can bring on expected and unexpected changes. Even if that’s the case, “God is good.” The message is that we can trust Him all the time regardless of what’s happening in our lives.  He will protect and care for us.

Afterwards, the kids had quiet time. During this time, the Counselors have a chance to address questions and reaffirm the large group message. On occasions, there may be a need to have one on one sessions. It’s just great that the Counselors volunteer their summer to teach the kids about the love of Christ for them. The Counselors spend the entire week with the same 8-10 kids. They sleep in the same cabin, eat meals, and participate in all the activities together the whole week. The Counselors truly invests a whole week in those kids. What a blessing!!!

During the afternoon, the kids had pool time. Later on they had the “Great Race” in which teams compete through an obstacle course. They have 100 kids on each team. They compete for points through out the week. They earn points for every aspect: how clean their cabins are, how well they behave, how well they know their bible verses, and of course if they win the competitive games. The names of each team this week are: Wakanda and Jumanji

After dinner, the kids had a chance to compete against each other by sending their respective representatives to say the Bible verse on stage. Jumanji won the 50 points tonight. They were also entertained by Lupita Estrellita Del Mar Rugiente. She is a missionary who impersonates a Mexican lady. She is full of surprises and Mexican jokes. The kids love seeing her on stage.

The final message was given by pastor Noel. Pastor Noel is an illusionist, and a professional puppeteer. He used his puppet skills to give the kids a fun show. However, he also explained to the kid’s that the puppet was made to be used to pretend to be alive. But  when he doesn’t have his hand in it, it is an inert stuffed animal. We ourselves have a physical body that was made by our master creator. We have the choice to have a spiritual life by accepting Jesus into our hearts. He closed the evening by offering the kids a chance to accept Christ and have Him use them according to their gifts. About 50 kids made the commitment. What a beautiful way to end the evening!!! -Fernando


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