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Outreach Continues

Posted by Team Leader on

Greetings everyone,

Thanks to your continued support, and the grace of our Father, we have continued our outreach to the students of Hungary. Even after such a short time, it is amazing to see God working in even the smallest interactions. The need for Jesus is apparent in Budapest. 

Our team was once again split into two groups, going to speak with both high school and university students. The teams going to high schools focused on challenging students to think about a successful life, and the steps to achieve their goals. The others took opportunities for more personal conversations, approaching university students on study or lunch breaks.

Each team member going to the university was paired with a FEK worker to help with communication. Approaching students with a small survey, we were able to start a conversation by asking questions about the student's life. Questions such as "What is the most important thing to you right now?"  and "What are the problems in the world?" served as great ways to transition into discussions about God and salvation. Utilizing one-on-one conversations, we were able to have meaningful and deep interactions with many different individuals. This also served as a wonderful way to invite students to a regular FEK meeting which happened this Wednesday evening. The meeting included a lesson on why God allows pain and suffering in the world, which was let by our very own Wayne Johnson. After challenging students to think critically about their world views and understanding of who God is, he encouraged great group discussion. Wayne ended the evening with a clear tie in to God's redemptive plan for the world and the grace that he has extended to us.

Please pray for our team members as we continue to reach out to students. Pray that our message would not fall on deaf ears, and that the Holy Spirit would guide souls to our Friday night event.

Thank you.


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Herr McLaughlin Oct 10, 2019 1:20pm

Römer 5, 3-5 3 Nicht allein aber das, sondern wir rühmen uns auch der Bedrängnisse, weil wir wissen, dass Bedrängnis Geduld bringt, 4 Geduld aber Bewährung, Bewährung aber Hoffnung, 5 Hoffnung aber lässt nicht zuschanden werden; denn die Liebe Gottes ist ausgegossen in unsre Herzen durch den Heiligen Geist, der uns gegeben ist. Sei mutig! (Be Brave!) Ihr schafft das. (You will do (manage) it!)