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Monday/Tuesday - Our Last Days

Posted by Team Leader on

It's Monday, our last day. The three American women students, plus Yin Di, joined us and Traci for a day out. We traveled to the Atlantic side of the Panama isthmus, only once having gone up an off ramp the wrong way, finding ourselves about to go the wrong way on the highway! Might have been a disappointing trip not having had at least one such experience! ;) We are convinced that God has a bubble of protection around Traci at all times! Along the way, Traci says, "Look, there's a policeman taking a selfie," when in fact, it was a policeman pointing his radar at us! (Or at least a life size poster.) She's always good for a laugh!

We toured Casa Providencia, a home for orphans with disabilities under construction in Colon. We picked up lunch and drove through the town of Portobelo on our way to have some beach time on Drake Island. We had to take a boat there, so Traci bartered with the boat owner for a good price, only to return from the beach to present the Gospel to the four boat workers, who then prayed with her! They got the better end of the deal! What an example Traci is in so many ways (maybe not including driving!).

We returned to our lodging near Panama City where all of the workers gathered to bid us and the conference speaker goodbye. They were so very happy that we came to show our love and support for them, especially in this difficult time. Bernice said goodbye again to her daughter, more convinced that she had made the right choice in becoming a student at the discipleship school at WoL Panama in Chame. As always happens, we go to Panama to serve, and we come back feeling like we were served more.

Tuesday came early, and our little team began our trip back home. We had plenty of time to bond more in the airport and to share more of our hearts and words of wisdom with one another. It is always a pleasure to serve with a team whose members are all on the same page, who love the Lord and are walking with Him, and who have selfless, kind spirits. We will all three forever have a place in our hearts for each other. Thank you Jesus for the privilege of serving You and Your people with each other.

We thank all of YOU for your prayers, your support, and your interest in us and in the work. Final prayer requests for WoL Panama:

* For Jose and Marcela and the transition to their new life and ministry in Panama, and for guidance and encouragement. They also need more support, as expenses are much higher in Panama.
* That God will protect the team from disunity.
* Praise that the ministry has continued as before, even with Mirko's loss.
* That God will continue to heal hearts that are hurting.
* For financial support for all of the workers.
* For all those workers who are instructing and leading the 18 IEDC (discipleship school) students.
* That the students, more than anything, will draw near to God this year.
* For all of the women who attended the conference - that they will be faithful to take what they learned and put it into practice, and that they would grow deeper in their relationship with Christ.
* That many more people from the Bible Chapel will consider a life changing trip to Panama.


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