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Monday is Camp Day!

Posted by Team Leader on

Monday is Camp Day!!!

Good Morning Chame!!! We arrived in the dark and woke up to the beautiful sunshine and gorgeous view of and around Palabra de Vida (Word of Life)! After taking in God’s amazing creations, we at breakfast together and then started our morning with a group devotion and prayer. The team then set out to prepare for the children’s arrival. Several members prepared the grounds (setting ups tables and chairs, skimming the pool, sweeping the pavilion) . Several more of us went up to unpack the suitcases of donations. As soon as we were done 5 boys came in to get clothing. One of the boys (8yrs old) had worn one set of clothes all last week. He was SO excited to get 2 shorts and tshirts. He was especially excited to get a Disney Cars bathing suit. All the boys were also excited to pick out “tacos” (soccer cleats). Whoever donated the bright gold tacos…they will be well loved!!! I wish I could take a photo of every child with every one of your donations! These kids are so excited by your blessings!

The 204 kids ages 6-12 arrived by bus load from all over Panama. They checked in at the pavilion and were placed in “quartos” or rooms. Six of our team members were assigned to be with the kids all week. The remaining eight will float to different jobs as needed. Next up lunch preparations… Nearly all fourteen of us were in the kitchen at one point or another preparing 500 hotdogs and chips.

After lunch was pool time. The pool at camp is beautiful. All the kids who want to swim in the deep end need to pass a swim test. My Spanish was tested as we encouraged the swimmers. They were so proud to pass and get their “deep end swim bracelet”. The team serves as life guards all week as well. Many of the kids do not have bathing suits. They swim in light weight shorts and tshirts. It was a blessing to give out the donated bathing suits during this time.

After pool time was free time until dinner. Here we spent a lot of one on one time with the campers developing relationships as we played volleyball, soccer, basketball or pushed swings on the playground. The campers are full of energy and love to be loved! After a wonderful Panamanian dinner of chicken and rice (your financial donations also allows us to give each camper a soda pop with dinner! A real treat!), the team cleaned up or spent time with their quarto. The opening program started at 7:30 and was just amazing! The skits, dances and songs were fantastic. The kids and adults alike were laughing and humming along. The WOL staff and helpers did an amazing job welcoming the kids, communicating the camp rules and most importantly sharing the gospel.

After the program the quartos meet in their small groups to review the lesson and have an opportunity to ask and answer questions.  For us… It was back to our rooms for a debrief and a good night sleep… More tomorrow…. With love from PANAMA


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