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Mathare Slum Home Visits

Posted by Team Leader on

Getting to share the gospel and the love of Christ in people’s homes was an experience like no other.

Here is a blog post by Mike McGuire:

Today (Thursday) was an amazing day which began by entering the slum to visit some of the AIC kids homes to share the gospel message of our Lord to a people that are very much in need of the essentials of daily life. All of the homes visited were relatively typical being so small that while we were warmly welcomed in, once inside any physical movement of anyone was nearly impossible. Extreme hardship was the common thread in the slum but just like the United States there is an extreme spiritual poverty and brokenness that needs a savior and all of the conversations were very moving and uplifting.

After the slum visitations I was so very happy to see my daughter Lydia being dragged into a Zion classroom by several 6th graders saying “teach us, teach us,” and for that class time allotted, observed her interacting with about 30 kids. We don’t need to talk about the butterfly incident where I tried to help her explain how a caterpiller changes into a butterfly, where Lydia saved me from a disastrous rewrite of natural science.

We then prayed with and for about 30 adults with AIDS and/or tuberculosis, which magnifies their extreme poverty, with also being very shunned by the community and especially the work force.

Then at 7pm there was a revival service where I was given the opportunity to present a message that I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be capable of doing. Although I felt not worthy of presenting my Lord’s words in a way that would give Him glory and honor as well as the need for us all to daily be reading His word, He graciously provided me the conviction and words needed. “Praise the Lord” again I say “Praise the Lord”!


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