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Maasai Friday

Posted by Team Leader on

We spent the day Friday treating the children of Class 7 to a field trip to Maasai area. We began by visiting a small church there, where we had great greeting, a time of fellowship, singing, dancing, and prayer. This church is in a small, temporary location but has been able to acquire a piece of land and has asked for prayer in the construction of it and prayer for the children of the area who, it is possible, may never leave a few-square-mile radius from this area, ever.

Next we overlooked the scenic Rift Valley and took a few photos with the Class 7 kids on our way to Nairobi National Park. This protected nature reserve which extends 117 km is home to four of the “big 5″ as they call it. The big five are lions, leopards, rhinoceroses, buffalo, and elephants. They do not have elephants because “they are too big and eat too much.” But they did have several other animals as well, including zebras, giraffes, crocodiles, monkeys and many more. The kids had a great time and many had not been on an adventure such as this before. The team was incredibly blessed by the day as well! Bwana Asifwe! (Praise the Lord!)



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