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Let Us Go To Zion

Posted by Ryan Middleton on

This has been a great week so far at AIC Zion. We have spent a majority of our time on the grounds at AIC Zion. The newly purchased land that is in the middle of the primary school classrooms has been the focal point of our manual labor this trip. We were surprised when we showed up and saw that all of the pavers had already been laid.

We have been doing a ton of painting and digging and planting trees. It was awesome, we each got to plant our own tree, as they bought one for each of us to plant. I thought it was just chance that there were 8 trees and eight of us until Wambua asked me which tree was mine :-)

Seriously, this is such a special place. I really feel that everyone should try to make it on a trip out here at least once if they are able. This experience, seeing the work that God is doing at AIC Zion, is unbelievable. We have such a loving and faithful God, serving Him can really be such an amazing privilege and awesome experience.

Today we got started painting again around 9. We got there early at 8AM to spend time with the kids before our work day started.

We have so much fun with them. They are such a joy to be around. I had to run into town to get a couple things and the traffic was horrendous. We ended up going to a completely different place because of the traffic and the trip took way longer than I expected. Unfortunately, all of our bottled water was still in the matattu (passenger van) when we left so the team was extremely thirsty when I got back. They made sure I heard about how long we took for the rest of the day :-)

We continued painting after a quick lunch break. I got to spend some time with the Form 1 class in the afternoon during some of their “free time”. We had a lot of fun and then spent time talking about salvation, then I answered a bunch of questions about the US. It was a really cool time and a great group of kids.

Then we planted the trees that I mentioned earlier. We had already dug the holes yesterday but the soil had been trampled on and packed down so when we went to fill them it took longer than we thought it would.

We have a great team. Everyone is working so hard. I am really proud of our team, despite us having quite a few strong personalities, they have come to serve first and foremost and it shows in their willingness to get down and dirty and get this work done.

Johnson Wambua is such an amazing man. He has such a great heart and passion for these people, and his faith is so unbelievably strong. He has built such a strong staff both in the church and at the school, it is really no wonder why this school is performing so well and this church is flourishing. They have the most dedicated people imaginable.

I’m looking forward to the rest of this week. We have some cool stuff that we are going to be doing and sharing with you. We are so thankful that we have you all, praying for us and making this trip possible. Thank you all for granting us this amazing experience to do ministry in Mathare!

Ryan Middleton on behalf of the Kenya Mathare 2016 Team

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