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Last Day in Schools

Posted by Team Leader on

Hello, readers of the blog!

Today we went to the high schools in Budapest and got to spend time with the students. We opened with an introduction of ourselves and went into the game. In the game the students would have to name words of categories such as American states or cities. The students are very bright and did very well.

Noah from our group gave a talk of success and what is important for success. After the short talk we broke into groups and the students got the opportunity to practice their english with native speakers and learn some things about America. The students I talked to were very curious about America and loved to talk about the difference between the cultures. 

We also got to talk about success with them. The students in each group got to converse with the rest of the members about their goals and what success meant to them. A few of the guys said having a family would be part of success for them. This shocked me, as in America, it is not so common. After some nice discussion with the students we closed and gave them invitations to an event. We also exchanged social media with some of them.

After the work in the schools we met with the other members of the trip that were at different schools. We had a debrief and got to share stories from the day.

We then went to a restaurant and had a traditional Hungarian dinner. We had meat soup, fish soup, and mixed meats after. All of the dishes were delicious. For dessert we had a dish called turo retes which was also fantastic.

Ich danke meinem Deutsche Klasse. Ihr könnt mein Deutsch berichtigen. Danke schön!


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Amy D’Amico Oct 12, 2019 1:38pm

Special hello to my dear friend Joann Naser! I hope you enjoyed the meal and I can’t wait to hear about the dessert in person! Godspeed my friend and keep doing God’s works