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Last Day - God's Mercies ContInue!

Posted by Team Leader on

It's Friday, the last day of camp! This day holds its own special highlights, as we witness God's new mercies continue to unfold.

Today the children were given the opportunity to profess their faith in Jesus Christ in front of their peers.  It was heartwarming to see the little ones bravely standing in line at the microphone. Though not all of us understand Spanish, there was no question in our minds as to what the children were saying. THIS is what our week in Panama is all about!

God continued to show us His goodness!  Throughout the week, each of the 12 groups of campers were brought to a room where we had clothing and shoe donations laid out from which they could choose a few items. Yesterday, we found there was one last group of boys who hadn't yet been given the chance, yet there were very few items left. We definitely didn't have enough, and we weren't quite sure what to do. This morning God, reminding us that He is our great Provider, led us to one last suitcase full of boys' clothing (in just the right sizes) that had been "hiding" under a table all week!

Knowing it was the last day, the children seemed to cling a little tighter to our team members, jumping on the backs of the teens for another ride, clamoring to be tossed in the pool, and urging us to sit with them for meal so they could either enjoy some good conversation (with those who knew Spanish), or chuckle again at our attempts to speak their language.  And we got our own hugs in anytime we could!

As the day continued, the same question was posed to us by the children over and over (in Spanish, of course, and even though they secretly already knew the answer): "What time will the CARNIVAL begin!!?" At the camp finale that evening, 12 stations were set up in the "gym" where children could test their skills at different games, get their faces painted, receive balloon animals, and choose from the array of prizes that were donated or purchased for the children using some of the monetary donations from you, our mission supporters. The Bible Chapel's excess "Upward Sports" jerseys were a popular prize item, and in His characteristic way, God ensured that somehow we had just the right number of jerseys in just the right sizes for each and every child!! We all wish you could have witnessed the children's joy and happiness that night. YOU helped make that possible!

Stay tuned for our final blog which will bring our week to a close, and which will include an album of pictures for the whole week!

Thank you again for being a part of the important work being done for God's Kingdom here in Chame, Panama!


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