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Kids Arrive at Camp

Posted by Team Leader on

Today all of the children arrived at camp. The buses pulled up and as they stepped out we cheered for each and every one of them. Some of the kids came with a small backpack or suitcase and some only came with a pillow, but the smiles on their faces were incredible. I could tell that they we so excited to be a camp. Throughout the day we played on the playground, we played basketball, football, soccer, and last but definitely not least we played in the pool. At the pool every child had the opportunity to take a swim test.  With some of the money that we raised we were able to buy swim bracelets that allowed them to swim in the deep end so we could make the pool environment as safe as possible. The children also got to enjoy a brand new slide donated by Jardines! Later tonight the staff was able to share the gospel and many of the kids accepted Christ into their hearts. Emily and I (Charlotte) were able to speak with a young girl and her relationship with Christ with the help of a translator.  After a long day of hanging out with 180 children we are ready for bed.

- Charlotte  


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