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January 2020 Panama Trip - End of Camp and "Rest Day"

Posted by Team Leader on

Saturday was bitter sweet,  the children went home after an amazing week.   Tears were shed and lots of hugs given.   Relationship for Jesus were made and prayers stated that the decisions will be long lasting and lifetime.    

The team visited Jon Fowler and his family in their wonderful home. They have such an incredible story behind how they were able to get to where they are.   Next time you have an opportunity to speak to the Fowlers, ask them about their story.  It is great and astounding how God writes events in our lives.   The home is ten minutes from Word of Life camp.   The Fowlers moved in before they ever had any idea God was moving Jon into the directorship.  

We concluded the day by visiting the orphanage that was called Metro Amigo. I admit I did not want to visit since each time I find myself emotional.   To my pleasant surprise, the facility is under new management and conditions are much improved.  The children were happy, laughing and playing.   The dorm rooms had air conditioning, made beds and were clean.   The grounds used to have broken and sparse playgrounds.    Now there are swings,  play grounds,  swimming pools, and toys to play with.    I have visited the orphanage many times and never have I left with hope and joy in my heart.   Are the conditions as good as I would like,  no.  The conditions are much improved and more importantly,  the staff obviously loves the children.   For me it was a great way to end trip!

I want to thank each and everyone that have supported our team with prayers, donations and support.   We could not of completed as much as we did without you.  You were also used as God's hands and feet!  

Steve Morris


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