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January 2020 Panama Trip - Day 4

Posted by Team Leader on


Exhaustion has started to set in for some... and others are still going at full speed!  Today we filled in and did whatever we were asked to do. Some of us served at the pool, others worked in the kitchen.  Some of us consoled hurting or sick children, and others played and played and played and played and played.  Some of us organized a store where every child got to pick an item of clothes while others prepped for a night of activity for the counselors and Equipantes (teen age staff workers).  A few of us even managed to sneak in a nap knowing there would be a late night ahead of us, as it is the Equipantes game night! All in all...we all were able to use our time, talents and treasures for God's glory as well as get a little needed extra rest.  

Looking forward to see what tomorrow brings our way! 

-Heather K.


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Roger Jan 17, 2020 12:28am

Thank you for your post, Heather. Praying the Lord will grant sustaining grace as the week progresses.