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It's Just Another Training Thursday

Posted by Ryan Middleton on

We have had some amazing and very long days here at Faith House in Mae Sot. When the planning for this trip began, we recognized from the vision trip that Glenn and I took in March of last year that the staff at Faith House was in need of help and encouragement. That has been our primary focus on this trip.

Today, Glenn and I lead the staff at Faith House, along with some pastors and other leaders here in Mae Sot, in some leadership training. We spent about 4-5 hours going over principles of Biblical leadership via a workshop using the D2 Leadership material. 

After that, Vonnie, Karen and Jaclyn conducted a Q&A  and basic training session with the leaders about handling behaviors of the girls, providing them with general as well as specific guidance on how to handle these situations and counsel through them.

These people are quite simply amazing. Their resolve and determination is unreal and they are a true inspiration to each of us. 

I had the opportunity during the leadership training to share my testimony with them. I think it was extremely encouraging to them – that God’s promise that he will use ALL things for his glory is true. Even in heartache and tragedy.

Today (Friday), Jaclyn is going to be teaching all day and night on abstinence. Please pray for her as there are many additional challenges presented because of culture than we anticipated. Please also pray for the rest of the team as we will be playing support roles for that.

This weekend, Grant has the privilege of preaching the Sunday message. Please pray for him for that. I get to give a message on Saturday evening as we celebrate one of the staff and one fo the girls birthdays in a time of worship, prayer and message. Please keep us in your prayers for that as well.

We really see the importance of the work they are doing here and will be advising them on some things that we think are holes that are vital to be filled for long term success. Please pray for our delivery of that information as well as their reception to it.

Thank you all for your support. This ministry here is simply amazing!


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