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Ice Cream for Jesus

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Today began with breakfast and songs of worship. What a beautiful experience to recognize a song even though it's in another language. Just another realization that God speaks ALL LANGUAGES.

Graciela Matos is the key note speaker for the conference and a testimony to the Holy Spirit working within each of us every day. She shared testimony, teaching, and videos throughout the day. 

We also heard testimony from Maria. Traci translated for the ladies as Maria did an amazing job giving honor and glory to God.  Her eyewitness account of how God rescued her from sin and death thru Christ and changed her life as a result helped others get to know what God is like and what He can do for them.

During one of the breaks, the team was able to take some pics in a life-sized frame that read, Aferradas a Su Gracia y Amor (Clinging to His Grace and Love), with various Word of Life staff as well as women we met. One of those groups happened to be the women we visited the day before in the Indian village.  God is good and rewarded our efforts from that complicated journey!

After lunch, the ladies had some fun-time doing girly things like nails, make up, and crafts. They were able to unwind, relax, and recharge before the evenings events began.

There were four breakout sessions to address each phase of a women's life: married women, women with children, older women teaching younger women, and spiritual growth.

After dinner, there was a bonfire with a dedication ceremony. It was very moving even though there was no translation. At the end, small twigs were handed to each of the ladies and they threw them into the fire to dedicate their lives to God!

And to top off the evening, the ladies were divided into six teams and competed against each other in some fun carnival games. The games that the women played promoted unity. It didn’t matter that we didn’t speak the same language, we were all having fun! The friendly competition reminded us that we all have the same voices when it comes to praising Jesus.  The winning team received ICE CREAM... A well deserved treat in this HOT AND HUMID CLIMATE. 



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