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(Hungary Trip) Last Day in Budapest

Posted by Meagan Lingenhoel on

Wow, what an amazing last day to a wonderful trip!

My name is Meagan Lingenhoel and I have been on the Hungary Missions Trip this past week along with 8 other "Bible Chapelers." I grew up here in the great city of Budapest as a missionary kid, and jumped at the opportunity to go back to see these beautiful people again when I found out the Bible Chapel was sending a team here.

Today started off with a bus ride out of the city of Budapest to a smaller city called "Erd." Jonathan, my husband, grew up in Erd and his home church is there, so we thought it would be a huge blessing to the team to experience a Hungarian church out there. 

Jonathan and I are both singers, so we jumped on stage with his mother to help her lead in the music for the day. It was a blessing to sing in Hungarian again and for the team to hear us worshipping God in another language. Jonathan also got a to share a small testimony with the church about what God has been teaching him in his life.

After a beautiful worship service, we got to go to Jonathan's childhood home to enjoy an amazing meal, that Rebecca (Jonathan's mother) prepared for us, and fellowship together with the team and the Madarasz family. After some time to digest all the amazing food we had for lunch, we traipsed across to the other side of the city to enjoy dinner at the Madarasz's apartment. They were so gracious to host all 8 of us in their home on Gabi's birthday no less! We were able to spend some final quality time with Gabi and Mara and express to them our love and gratitude for their hospitality and reminisce out time here in Budapest. 

What a final day! We are all finished packing up and ready to head out to the airport tomorrow morning! Yet, as we pack we think about what God has done while we have been here in Budapest. We were able to share the Gospel with strangers, teach teenagers English in high school, have amazing one-on-one conversations with students about God, and so much more! To watch what these missionaries do on a weekly basis, sharing the gospel with students, was truly inspiring. All of us come back to the States with the encouragement of understanding what it means to not be ashamed of the Gospel! But to take advantage in EVERY avenue of our lives to be a living testimony of our faith and to share the "Good News" with anyone who will listen. 

We also come back to the States with a renewed understanding that it is God and God alone who softens hearts. He allows people's eyes and ears to be opened, we are merely the tool He uses to drive the message. What an honor!

Please pray for our flights home tomorrow! We are anxious to see our families again!


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