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Hungary Trip Departure

Posted by Team Leader on

I'll start off this blog with a simple thank you.  Thank you to everyone that has supported us to make this trip possible.  It's only because of all the people that donated, prayed for us, and helped us that we are able to embark on this little adventure to spread God's word.

I should probably introduce myself.  My name is Scott Cowden, and I'm the one in charge of this blog.  While others will write some of these daily entries throughout the trip, I'm the one responsible for making sure it gets done.

To actually start talking about the trip, I'll start with how we started the day, a team photo.

From the left we have Matthew, Jonathan, Kimberly, Meagan, Ryan, Steve, Julee, and Myself (Scott if you forgot from a few lines ago.)

If we all look very tired, that's because it was 4 AM and half of us had a few hours of sleep and the other half didn't bother to sleep at all.  A quick trip through security and a Chick-fil-a breakfast later, because what better way to start a missions trip, and we boarded our first flight to Chicago, where we have a nice ten hour layover.

Which brings us to now, as some nice team building card games continue to pass the time, or team destroying in the case of the Monopoly Deal card game, we slowly pass the time.

Everyone is very excited now that the trip is underway, but it's still over five hours and then a nine hour flight until we actually reach our destination.  we can't wait to see what God has in store for us and what we can accomplish in his name with the college students we will talk to.

Without much else to say I'll wrap up by simply asking that everyone continues to pray for us. Pray for safety, unity, and that we can accomplish all that God has planned for us over the next week and a half.

Thank you all,
-Scott Cowden


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