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Hit the Ground Running

Posted by Team Leader on

We arrived safely to Panama on Wednesday afternoon and became fast friends with Traci. Our entire team are first timers to Panama. 

Wednesday night we went to Curundu where friends of Traci work. They feed the homeless in the ghetto on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week. They let us tag along and we delivered oatmeal and bread to those we encountered. It was hard to see the conditions that they live in. One guy made a house with a tarp and string attached to a fence. Thinking about the heat just walking on the streets and in comparison to what it would be like in the tent he lives in is unimaginable.  

Thursday was filled with even more adventures as we headed back to Curundu to invite the women to come to the conference this weekend. Next we made a quick stop at the airport to pick up the conference speaker Graciela Matos, and then to Metro Amiga. We hadn’t planned to visit so this was a welcome addition to our itinerary. Even though none of our team has been to Panama, we all know Metro Amigo and the history there between our church and Panama. We’ve prayed for these kids for years and to see them and how they live was beautiful and depressing at the same time.  

Graciela (the conference speaker) and Maria shared their testimonies with some of the older girls. The kids just want to be loved and we tried to love on them for the short time we were there.  

We did our touristy thing and headed to the Canal which was fun and we learned a cool fact about the locks; they were made in Pittsburgh! 

Afterwards we went to the Wounaan Indian village in Gamboa. The algae was so thick and overgrown that we took a short boat ride, got out and hiked a steep hillside to another side of the mountain and then a quick boat ride across the river to the village. 

We have so many fun videos and photos to share of this time. Traci has us hit the ground running, 36 hours later we’re tired and happy and excited to see the women and hopeful that the ones we invited can come.

Please pray for the women and Graciela as she shares the gospel and teaches the Word! 

In Christ,

Maria, Rina, and Marcia 

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