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Heading Home To The Mission Field

Posted by Team Leader on

Today, Thursday, was the last full day we spent at our work sites. My group was at Salvation Army South working with kids ages 6-14. Throughout the different ages, there were four groups. I was in Group One, the kids ages 6-8, personally, I connect better with little kids and this week I did exactly that. I had the amazing opportunity to become very close with numerous children. A tremendous chance I had today was praying with a little girl, Lexi, about accepting Christ into her life. I also, performed a worship song and dance. Later in the day, when we were leaving, all of the kids let us know how much of an impact we made and how much they loved us. This week was so amazing and I am so glad I got to go on this trip. Also, we were able to go to a cook out and come back to the church and have a great night. There was a great worship service and an even better message. Luke talked to us tonight also about it being one of the last times talking to us. For me, as an eighth grader, it was very hard to hear Luke talk for the last time. We are all praying for safe travels tomorrow as we are preparing ourselves for another seven hour drive. In closing, I am very thankful for being able to attend this trip and can't wait for next year.

Gabby Tom


Today was the last day of spending time with the kids from Kids Club. There was one little boy who extreamly impacted me this week, his name was Dorian. For the first day or so he really would not speak to almost anyone, but then I prayed for him in large group and that very day he started to talk to me. By Wednesday he was on my back play ''piggy back freeze tag'' and sat with me, on my lap, for story time. Today sadly I had to say good-bye to my best friend from the club, after he saw me wear some teen madness gear and all he wanted to do was wear the sweat band. So yesterday he finally got to wear the band all day. Today we played the same games but the kids enjoyed them twice as much. But the best thing that I have heard from Dorian was that he was accepting Jesus into his heart today. So I got to say the prayer and right then and there accepted Jesus to be his forever friend. And the sweat band was able to go home wth him and he loved it. I will remember that time for as long as I can and maybe see him again soon. But for now I will be serving at the home town of Pittsburgh.

Sten Wheeler



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