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Good Things in Small Packages

Posted by Team Leader on

The day finally came! Our time of preparation was short and our team is small, but good things come in small packages, and God is sovereign over all! (hey that rhymes!) And what a sweet group it is, put together by God before time began. I think that if we gained nothing more than the fellowship and spiritual growth that took place during our preparation and devotional times, then we three would agree that this trip has already been well worth the effort for us, and we've only just left!

The purpose of our trip is to love, support, and encourage the Word of Life workers as they host a women's conference there at the camp in Chame. Thanks to your many generous donations, we will be able to bring with us "good things in small packages" - gift bags items such as mini flashlights, perfume and makeup samples, mini nail polish, bright ankle socks, body wash, pens, notebooks, and of course, chocolate! We are also bringing the supplies to make two crafts, plus makeup and nail stations for approximately 150 conference attendees. We are also - from God, through your hands - able to provide scholarships for 50 women to attend! Our trip will also include a visit to the Metro Amigo orphanage, where we hope to bring tons of affection and a bit of happiness to the children.

Let me introduce our team members. This will be KIM SPIERTO'S fourth trip to Panama for the women's conference. Her caring and gentle nature, and her wisdom and expertise have been, and will continue to be invaluable! Our young friend HALEIGH SIVAVEC inspires us with her Spanish speaking skills, her youth and vitality (help with hoisting bags, please!), her in-depth knowledge of the Panamanian people (having spent much time with them), and her love for outreach and for the Lord. As for me, BERNICE FINK, organization would be my claim to fame if I had one. I must say that I've been on trips in the past as a team member, but being the team leader this time has brought me a very different insight and renewed appreciation for anyone who leads anything! I am humbled by the women God has brought to this team, and am amazed at how He has equipped each one for His purposes! I will have the added (and unexpected) blessing of being able to see my daughter, Liana, who is a student in the IEDC discipleship school there at the WoL camp!

So off we go, full of anticipation for what God has planned for us to do to help further His Kingdom! We remember that Jesus, Himself, was a "short term worker," and we desire to follow His example. He knows what each day will hold, and how He desires to use us to serve the beautiful people of Panama. We know He will do a mighty work in our lives as well, training us for future ministry. Please do pray for us:

--Continued team unity and a spirit of humility and servanthood.
--Safety and good health.
--We (especially Kim and I) don't like bugs! And we like bites less!
--That God would bless the work of the WoL workers there in Chame.
--An anointing upon the speakers and organizers of the conference.
--That the conference attendees will be saved, changed, and inspired by all that goes on there at the conference this coming weekend (Friday through Sunday).
--More requests as the days go by!

Love to you from all of us!
~~Kim, Haleigh, and Bernice


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Cheryl Oct 4, 2017 8:54pm

Yay ladies you made it!! I'm so happy and grateful that you three went! God bless you as you pour God's love into the Panamanian women! Give everyone a hug for me. Wish I was with you.

Kim Oct 11, 2017 12:00pm

Cheryl, you were missed! Several ladies asked about you!