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God Is Always Faithful

Posted by Team Leader on

What a day! Today was the first full day of camp for the kids, and oh boy, was it full! There was time for devotionals, songs, meals, pool time, free time, the playground, and crafts! Our team was in charge of the the craft for the week. The kids have the opportunity to decorate their own canvas bag which bears the shape of the cross. They had so much fun picking which colors to paint their crosses! Julie, Jessica, and Carmen put together all the bags and distributed them (along with the paint!) to the kids and helped them when needed. The picture posted from today was from that time! Our team was very impressed at how well the kids listened and enjoyed their craft time. The kids will use this bag to hold toys and goodies from the carnival later on in this week!

Time and time again God has shown our team just how good and faithful He is through the workers, the counselors, and the kids. God is clearly moving here in Panama and it is a beautiful thing. Our team has been able to hear the stories and passions of the local workers. It is good to know that God takes care of all of His children.

While the language barrier was a concern for most people on our team, we have all adjusted our communication to interact with the kids. Nothing is more impressive than seeing our two high school boys (Daniel and Nathan) play with and care for the boys in their respective groups. Nathan even slept on a mattress on the floor! These boys are giving 110% of themselves for the kids. It’s so amazing, I had to give them a shoutout!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers, hasta mañana!



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Heather H Jan 24, 2018 7:49am

Praying for all of you this week!