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Friday - The Women Arrive!

Posted by Team Leader on

Friday morning we had the opportunity to hear Jon Fowler teach the discipleship school students about the inerrancy of Scripture, and what the effects are of picking and choosing what to believe from God's Word. The remainder of the daytime was spent in preparation for the evening.

The conference attendees began to arrive around dinner time, some having traveled as many as seven hours by bus! Some arrived dressed in the colorful, traditional garb of their Indian tribes. It was our sweet pleasure to welcome each woman with a hug and a gift bag. We too felt welcomed by their warm response!

Immediately after dinner and a lively icebreaker, they did things the way they always do here at the Word of Life Camp in Chame - a clear and unabashed presentation of the Gospel was given by Marcela Martinez, who, along with her husband Jose, are the new Directors of Word of Life Panama. Marcela also encouraged those who had accepted Christ as their Savior in the past not to doubt their salvation, but rather recommit their lives to Him.

With things having started this way, we can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!


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