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First Day of Camp

Posted by Team Leader on

Monday, continued...  As we were finishing our devotion, the campers started arriving. Some of the kids had to travel over two hours to get here. As the kids got off the bus they were warmly welcomed by the World of Life teen counselors. Our Bible Chapel team of 12 will be supporting the WOL staff and counselors for the entire week. On this first day of camp we were each assigned a group of kids ranging from ages 7-11. These children are very excited to be here. Most are underprivileged, having only a few changes of clothing. Many didn't even have a swimsuit to enjoy the pool. Some came with only one bar of soap that they asked their counselors to cut so they could share it with their siblings.

During pool time, we kept very busy filling many different roles. Our Bible Chapel teens played games with kids in the water, the ladies helped with fitting the donated swimsuits, and the men helped with the swimming tests and at life guarding duties. It took a lot of effort to keep all 150 plus kids safe and under control. We managed to do this effectively while still allowing them to really enjoy the pool. They had a great time. Sports and lawn games were also a big hit.

Stepping out of their comfort zone, two of our male team members separated unidentified parts of over 75 lbs. of chicken as they helped to prepare the food on the dinner menu. The kids enjoyed a very typical meal of lentils with rice, chicken, and a fresh tossed salad.

After dinner the WOL staff had an awesome presentation as they shared the Gospel through music, dance, and easy to understand illustrations. It was exciting to see that some kids openly accepted Christ as their Savior on the very first day of Camp! They received colorful beaded bracelets also donated from The Bible Chapel that help to tell the story of salvation.

Please pray for our health, perseverance, and that the Holy Spirit will work though us as we continue to serve our Mighty God. Also pray for the the health and safety of the little campers, and most importantly for their salvation through the week.


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