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Eastern Shores Virginia - Day #2

Posted by Brad Sommerfeldt on

This afternoon, my group was blessed with the chance to serve for a second day at Kid’s Club. It is an amazing environment containing a summer camp for the children on the island to attend, and for many, a rare chance to create a positive memory amidst the many trials they face on a day-to-day basis. The camp is completely free of charge for the families and consists of crafts, a Bible story, snack, and an outdoor activity. Before the program begins, we set out in our vans to pick up and then drop off the youths at their trailer park homes. As I was dropping off the children at one specific place titled “Dreamland,” I viewed children that were not dejected and bitter towards the way their lives were playing out, but surprisingly content. During this trip, I have begun to uncover how the items and money we covet do not create joy and happiness. I feel as if the many idols we place in our lives are so incredibly insignificant and watching these children who, in worldly standards, seem to have nothing, has definitely stunned me. Jesus’s love is about having the ability to find hope and rescue in Him and having complete faith when nothing is certain in your future. Having the opportunity to interact with these children has really opened my eyes to what it truly means to place everything one has into the bucket containing Jesus, and having the knowledge that He will never release you from his grasp, but hold you above the waves. 

 - Anna Mares


Today was the second day of serving with youth works and Kids Club. My group started off the day by getting up early to make breakfast for everybody. It was surprisingly a lot of fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Then, we split up into groups and went to our serving locations. My team and I got to visit a local nursing home to hang out with some of the residents living there. We did a small workout with them, shared stories with each other, and sang a few hymns to end our time together. After this, we drove back to the church to prepare for Kids Club. I had the awesome opportunity to travel in one of the vans to pick up the children at their homes. Most of them live in a trailer park called “Dreamland”. When we pulled up, all the kids were already waiting, excited and ready for the day. It was hectic to get everyone in the car because there were limited seats and we had to check to make sure they were registered for camp before they could enter. After we finally got all of the kids back to the church, we split them in to groups by age. They participated in activities such as playing soccer on a nearby field and making fun crafts (most of the girls were fascinated by the “fortune tellers” or “cootie catchers” we made out of paper). They also got to hear the story of David and Goliath, which most of them were very excited about because there was a group acting it out for them. I spent most of the day with two sisters from Dreamland. I noticed them first because they were both wearing adorable Frozen hats. I complimented them in Spanish and asked them what their favorite character was. Talking to the kids in Spanish really helps to personalize the relationship and shows them that we are interested in their culture. Overall, today was super fun and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for us.

 - Rachel Zeisloft


Today was my second day of serving in Eastern shore Virginia. I am a part of the Spider-man group and today we served at a woman’s house. Our jobs throughout the day were taking paint off, repainting, fixing wooden boards, and cleaning up trash. Our group did so well with these jobs and we were very patient with each other. The woman whose house we were cleaning was Carol. She was very generous towards our group and invited us into her home to eat lunch with her. She shared with us some stories about herself and her kids, then supplied us with tools that we needed. After working at Carol’s, we rocked out in the car to music on our way to Walmart to pick up some supplies for the following day. Next, we took our showers—finally. We were all so dirty because of the hard work we put into our jobs. We rocked in the car for about the third time before 3:00 today. Once we finished showering we came back to the church and since we finished first, we went to the park. The park was really fun, but then we had to come back inside for dinner preparation. I am pretty sure everyone had a really fun time making the food while listening to music. I could not sing because I lost my voice from shouting/singing. Also, for every meal, the group who prepared the meal had to come up with a dance that went along with the food. Our group did a great job singing and dancing. I am very proud of our group for serving today and for being so thoughtful towards everyone. I am so thankful to be in the Spider-man group and can’t wait for tomorrow. Adios. 

- Jessica Christensen


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K-Mac Jun 19, 2018 9:52pm

I am so proud of you guys! I wish I was there with you all!!!!