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Day Two - Interacting with Students

Posted by Team Leader on

Our second day in Kenya was long and tiring, but very fruitful and encouraging nonetheless.  We ate breakfast at 7:00am and spoke with Benson, a member of AIC Zion and an employee at our hotel who was eager to see us again after meeting us at church yesterday.

This morning was spent interacting with and encouraging the students of AIC Zion's school.  We were greeted by hundreds of cheering, energetic children as our van pulled into Zion's courtyard.  Our main focus today was the older classes; we taught lessons in English grammar, business, and world history, in addition to answering numerous questions about life in the United States.  Every question imaginable was asked, from "What does snow feel like?" to "What fur colors do the lions have in America?"

We were especially excited to be able to visit the Form 1 (9th grade) class and build meaningful connections with the students.  Of the forty members of Form 1, thirty-eight are first time AIC Zion students, so they had never interacted with a mission team from the Bible Chapel before today.  Nevertheless, we had incredible conversations with them about our personal salvation stories, Biblical law, and church culture in the United States.  As the week continues, we will be sure to spend time with each age group and present the Gospel message to the students.

After class time concluded, hundreds of children of all ages flooded the courtyard, and the five of us did our best to keep up with their seemingly endless energy.  Soccer, thumb wrestling, push-up contests, Vacation Bible School songs, jump rope, soccer, rock-paper-scissors, netball, running races, jumping jacks - we did it all.  Even after hours of activity, the students still had energy to feel our hair, ask question after question, and sing us their favorite songs.  Although they come from difficult circumstances, the love they showed for us and for God was truly inspirational, and we look forward to hearing their stories and sharing the Gospel with some of their families during our trip.

As the evening began, we played an aggressive game of volleyball with the church staff and enjoyed fellowship.  Finally, Alan led a workshop with Zion's worship leaders and choir members.  He shared common worship practices from the United States as our team and the Kenyans closed our day with dancing, praise, and growing friendships.

At 9:30pm, our team arrived back at the hotel, exhausted and excited for what the rest of the week will bring.  Please pray that we will have energy, catch up on sleep, and remain safe as we prepare to enter homes in the slum for the first time.

(Written by Ben Zeisloft, on behalf of the team)


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Jenn Booth Jun 12, 2017 11:30pm

Oh man! Smiling from ear to ear thinking about this day. Thanks for the great description! Missing the "aggressive game of volleyball with the church staff" this year! One of my absolute favorite parts from last year. James soars over that net! Can't wait to get back there. Enjoy the time, prayers for fruitful time during the day and good rest at night.

Roger Jun 13, 2017 5:27am

Thanks for the report. It sounds like having somebody from the US (or any other country?) is a unique experience for them.

Keep up the work, find energy from someplace to keep the pace. God's grace extends beyond any boundaries, geographical or other, that we establish.

Susan Ambrosini Jun 13, 2017 10:16am

Thank you Ben for the great update. We are praying for you, the entire Kenya team, and Kenyan people. God bless!