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Day One (Hungary trip)

Posted by Team Leader on

Hello all,

My name is Jonathan, and my wife and I grew up in Hungary as the children of global workers. We have two wonderful kids (Saphira 5 and Emerson 2) and another one on the way due in February.

This evening we began what I believe will be a wonderful week of sharing God's Word and seeing Him in action, changing hearts and minds, using our feeble hands to do so.

If I could sum up the day, it would consist of four words waiting, eating, and walking (sometimes sleep walking).

Thank you for your prayers as we traveled from Chicago to Budapest, Hungary. Since staying up all night and traveling can be pretty exhausting we took every opportunity to get a little R&R.

Once we arrived it was so exciting and heartwarming to take in the familiar sights of home for me, and to watch the rest of the team gawk at some of the beauty of the city of Budapest.

As we took in the majestic and ancient sights, while waiting for our hotel to allow us to check in, I was reminded of the beauty of James' words in James 4:14 where he reminds us of the incredibly brief nature of our existence here on earth. I was affirmed in the mission that we are here to carry out. What a useless and meaningless thing it is to pursue personal fame and glory, to try and leave a mark on society! These buildings were built by thousands of master masons and architects that we have all but forgotten. Ours is not to seek the kingdom's of men, but to seek first His kingdom, and His glory. That and that alone has meaning that will last longer than today.

After walking around the castle district, we were able to get settled into our rooms. When we returned, we had the wonderful opportunity to meet some of the trip organizers, as well as the 35 other team members from the states that we will be serving alongside.

Please pray that God would use our time training tomorrow to fully prepare us to share His Word to His sheep here in Hungary!

Thank you!

Jonathan Lingenhoel


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Sam Stimmel Oct 1, 2018 1:22pm

Johnathan thank you for sharing. Prayers and thanks for the entire team as you spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Safe Travels.

Saphira was in our Sunday school class yesterday. She is doing great and is a wonderful child. she told me all about the daily countdown activity to ark your return.

Look forward to seeing and hearing more from the entire team on how God is using each of you on this journey.

For His Glory