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Day four on the mountain top

Posted by David Brennan on

Today we worked on hanging up the blue foam, but we got way more done today since there wasn’t as much rain as yesterday! One thing I am enjoying on this trip is the ability to hang out with those in our groups and the leaders we have! I have learned that working hands on is really beneficial and better than school work! Our resident has been super nice sharing her stories with us. One thing I am looking forward to is to see how close our missions group gets by the week’s end. I have enjoyed living in ASP’s dorm with other girls, and I have thought of doing ASP again because it makes me happy helping others and seeing them happy. Please be praying that no one gets hurt, that the rain holds off, and that God helps us get the rest of the house finished with the time we have left here! – Jessica Anderson

Today at the worksite my group worked on removing the floor, the toilet, and the bathtub; we also started kicking the house (We’re not actually kicking the wall, we’re putting up wood to take the weight off of the band joist that’s making the wall crooked). Earlier in the week, the toilet had been tricky to remove due to the rusted bolts and washers. The bathtub, however, proved to be much easier to remove than expected! The floor was a cross between super-duper hard, and extremely easy. Today I mostly removed nails and screws from the floor, as well as the top layer of the top layer of the floor (called lauan). We removed the floor itself to expose the joists and the wood supporting the wall (turns out, all that was supporting the house was a few cinder blocks and bricks stacked up every few feet. Our residents have many, many pets (some of which we can hold!). The pets are very friendly; however, the people in the house mostly keep to themselves. We are all hoping they come to the Family Picnic tomorrow, though!

I’m so enjoying staying at ASP. It’s really nice having a real bed instead of the floor and having personal showers instead of having to drive to the YMCA! The leaders and staff of ASP this year are absolutely fantastic, and I’ve never been bored. I would love if you all could pray to keep each and every person safe from harm; moreover, ask God to give everyone the words to spread His word to every person we interact with. (Also, please, please, please, please, pray that we all get a good night’s sleep!!!)              -Tatum Brown


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John Zanker Jun 20, 2019 5:35am

Awesome words from Tatum on day four blog, which sums up our worksite with great detail. She is part of Team Deb & JZ and we are so proud of our Students. A huge shout out for ALL on this Mission Trip.
Watching God change lives and we serve others, that's a beautiful thing!