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Day five on the mountain top

Posted by David Brennan on

Today my group continued to take up floors in our resident’s living room, and we were blessed to put down the third row of flooring! As I think of memorable moments on the trip, I remember karaoke night with Brad! Watching him dance and sing to Taylor Swift was for sure interesting! Another thing that was memorable was that I learned how to drill better. We are also thankful to spend time with the family’s little girl that loves to play games of tag with us; we are currently in a game that she started Tuesday! I am still looking forward to getting the floor done, but we may not be able to finish it, but whatever we finish I know that we will leave the next group set up well to finish! Living with other girls is loud, but always eventful! Very often God reminds me to be more patient with people when they frustrate me, which has been an important lesson learned this week! If you could, please be praying that God continues to hold off the rain as many of our projects require our groups being outdoors. – Gracie Baker


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