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Posted by Team Leader on

Please forgive that there was no blog yesterday.    We have been very busy and we get really tired.  So a good night's rest took precedence last night!  So now I post and  it is Friday am...our 7th day.    

Curundu.  The inner city of Panama City.   The poorest of the city.  Gangs and drugs rule    There are 180 campers here and about 100 are from Curundu. 

I had MY thoughts and plans when I arrived.  Maybe I would do some construction projects, maybe I would help out in the kitchen or the pool.   I wasnt thinking about being put with boys from the inner city but that's what God had for me. To be completely transparent, when I was asked on tues am to help out a young counselor who had 14 boys by himself, I wasn't comfortable and inside I was saying ...cant someone else do it??!!

But...it is exactly where I was supposed to be!!! Praise God for His plans and not mine.  

 I have been sooooooo blessed to be part of these boys lives this week.   They are awesome!! They are fun!! Just very cool little boys ages 10-12.  I don't have a son but now I have 14 Panamanian sons!  God has put so much love in my heart for them it is unreal!

Their lives in Curundu are extremely tough.  One boy has a mother in prison.  Another lost his Dad when he was 1 to violence.   There are other stories but not enough time to tell them all.

The best news of however is Gods work in their lives   Almost all of them have accepted Christ at camp this week.  This camp's main mission is Evangelism.    To see God's work of salvation in there lives has been amazing.  Please pray for all of the campers for discipleship and to finish their education    Also for their counselor Brian. He is doing the main work with these boys and is doing  an awesome job...Matthew 25:23.   I am simply his assistant. 

This camp is doing an amazing job with God's leading.  You can see His hands all over this place and in the stories of changed lives. Now I understand fully why everyone who has been here talks so highly of it!!

Well I have to stop at some point but I dont want to.

Thank you God for WOL Chame Panama, for your work in all these kids lives and putting me in Cabin 6 with the boys from Curundu!

Thank you to all of our prayer and financial supporters


God Bless,

Brad Bridges


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