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Comfort Zone (Hungary Trip)

Posted by Team Leader on

Hello! I am Matthew Nuzzo, a few of you probably know of me already but for those who don't I will tell you a little about myself! I am 17 years old, the youngest member of our group, and I am quite the introvert. I decided to come on this trip because I wanted to serve God and push myself outside of my comfort zone, and I have been pushed!

I got to go to high schools this week with Julee Hunter and Scott Cowden, and it was so much fun! I am sure one of them already told you all what has been happening inside of the schools, so I will keep this short. I was very scared to get up in front of kids and talk about stress, especially those who don't even speak English as their first language! But after the first day of doing that, the next two were a breeze. At the end of each class, we invited the students to come meet us after school, and also come to a coffee shop on Friday. We had SO many students there that we were worried about not having enough room!

At the coffee shop, Jonathan gave a short talk about how sometimes we can feel alone or like we don't belong, it was all in Hungarian so the students would have an easier time understanding what he was saying, and then they split up into small groups to talk a little more about that topic.

While this was going on downstairs, upstairs most of the Americans were praying about the students and about what was being talked about, since we wouldn't have understood it anyways. After all of this the night was still not over! We gathered with all the students outside of the café and went on a long walk together. We walked to the Basilika, The Chain Bridge, and then we went above a tunnel to look at a small slice of Budapest at night. It was beautiful! We got to talk with many of the students that we saw in the schools, and meet new ones that have been coming to these meetings for a few weeks.

The week has been absolutely amazing and I am very glad that God called me here. I have been pulled outside my comfort zone too many times to count this week, but I am happy I was!

Thank you,


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