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Busy and Thankful

Posted by Team Leader on

Our day began in typical rainy season fashion with heavy rain and loud thunder that threatened to cancel some planned activities.  After prioritizing, we started with a trip to the Panama Canal where we saw a ship lowered and raised through the canal and watched an informative 3D movie about its creation.  

Next, we took a banana boat on Gatun Lake, next to the huge ships that cross the Panama Canal. We rode the boat to Gamboa Town in the Soberania National Park to visit a tribe of 48 Wounaan Indians and invited the women to the Conference beginning tomorrow.  

Before arriving at the village, our gracious guide Almodio circled Monkey Island so we could admire the fauna and vegetation of the tropical rain forest, spot a sloth, a couple of white-faced capuchin monkeys, and the howler monkeys in their native habitat.  

While we were visiting the tribe, the children were arriving home from school on banana boat school buses! We enjoyed learning how the Indians came to settle in the area and then we purchased some of the beautiful necklaces and hand carvings they created.  

Next, it was off to the airport to pick up Mayra, the featured Women's Conference speaker from Nicaragua, before taking treats for the children at the Chilibre Foundation - Panama orphanage.  It houses 60 children from newborn to 18 years of age, is dedicated to eradicating school dropout, fights for the nutrition and education of children and youth at social risk, and helps to prevent family violence with programs and guidance. 

Father God,  thank you for changing my world's view.  Thank you for revealing my narcissism.  Thank you for teaching me how to minister. Thank you for revealing my materialism. Thank you for allowing me to connect more closely with you.  And thank you for growing my faith.  Amen.

(By Marcia Shaffer)

The Women's Conference begins on Friday evening!  Please pray for the Palabra de Vida missionary staff and our team as we make final preparations, for Mayra (Conference speaker), safe travels for the women who are on their way, and that hearts would be prepared to hear and be changed by the Word of God.




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