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Bubble Slide and Fair

Posted by Team Leader on

It was a packed day today. The kids did various activities throughout the afternoon, which included a huge bubble soap slide and a fair. The bubble slide was amazing - the kids weee smiling good the entire time. They got to play games with their teams in the bubbles and you can’t doubt the fun. They even had a bubble machine to cover the kids in even more bubbles. We had just as much fun as the kids in the bubbles!

Last night, we had the fair with the kids. Most of the donated items (jerseys, beanies, candy, toys, stuffed animals) were prizes for all of the games at the fair. Thank you for your contributions! The kids took their personal draw string bag around to each game and got a prize. It was a hit! 

The fair ended at 11:30pm, and we were exhausted. The kids leave tomorrow, which is not going to be easy. However we are praising God for tonight. 


- Emily


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