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Bitter Sweet Return 01/28/2018

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 A portion of our team chose to climb Mt. Chame around 5:15 AM in hopes of returning to camp by 10:00 AM for testimonies.  The jungle and mountain is a beautiful reminder of God’s creative beauty.  We were led by the Bible Chapel’s, Trent Morris (in the Bible Institute with WOL), and Stanley Mina (formerly in the Ana Panama boys’ home).  Our team made it back to camp with time to spare for the children’s testimonies and morning devotions.

Between Thursday night’s campfire and Friday morning’s testimonies it seemed most made a decision for Christ.  On paper, 100 children of the total 185 made decisions for Christ this week.  Each conversion a miracle of the Holy Spirit!

 ““The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”” – John 3:8

Friday night the camp held a very special carnival for the children after awards were handed out to campers.  The evening closed with devotions before lights out.


 The time has come for the children to leave camp and for the equipantes to travel back to the City for the weekend.  As we said goodbye, tears were shed.  It’s amazing the bonds formed with each other serving, worshiping, and ministering to and with one another for just a week.  Though we go separate ways and some we may not see again in this lifetime, but to those with the unified bond in the Holy Spirit, we will see one another in eternity.  

Prior to making our way to the city, we visited a few of the more humble homes with Traci while taking a van of children home in Chame.  These were full scholarship children who attended camp by your financial contributions!  They welcomed us as we gave additional donated clothing (from our supporters!) to their family members.  Traci also shared the gospel with a family, prayed, and they received openly.  We love the Panamanian zeal!

 On our way to the city tonight we visited the Indian Village in the Canal Zone as well as the Monkey Islands.  Before making final packing arrangements and hitting the hay, we had dinner at Caleb’s (Traci’s son) restaurant with a few from our beloved Panama family: Jose, Marcela, Traci, Luis, Nedelka, and Yin Di.


 After a long day of travel we arrived safely home to Pittsburgh around 8:00 PM.  Thank you all so much for your fervent prayers and financial support! 

In the love of Yahshua,

 Brian Miller on behalf of the 2018 Panama Bible Camp Team




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Jon Jan 31, 2018 7:59pm

Thanks Brian for this wrap-up! It’s hard to put into words all of God’s grace that was given during this trip. I guess others need to experience it first hand. Thanks to Jesus for all the prayers and support.