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Piscina y Amigos

Posted by Team Leader on

It was the second full day of camp today. Most of our responsibilities as a team revolved around the pool time. While some of us helped with manual labor outside, others went to the pool with the kids. We learned that these kids come from ghettos; communities with gangs, violence, single or no...

Kids Arrive at Camp

Posted by Team Leader on

Today all of the children arrived at camp. The buses pulled up and as they stepped out we cheered for each and every one of them. Some of the kids came with a small backpack or suitcase and some only came with a pillow, but the smiles on their faces were incredible. I could tell that they we so...

Panama Canal, Church and Word of Life Camp


Posted by Team Leader on

What a packed, exciting and uplifting day!    it started with a few of us visiting the Panama Canal.   What an engineering marvel.   Way to many details we learned but the most relevant was when we found out that the steel doors for the locks were made in...

Travel Day

Posted by Team Leader on

We got up at the crack of dawn to be at the airport at 4a.m. for our flight that left Pittsburgh. As we checked our bags this morning, we realized that we forgot to mark a checked bag. However, the issue was not fully resolved--we don't have the bag, but we are trusting that God will still...

Reflections from the Trip (Women's Panama)

Posted by Team Leader on

As we returned home tonight and looked out of the window of the plane, the sun was setting over the clouds.  Just as Jesus the Son is the light of the world (John 8:12) and will return again, the sun is also the light of the world and will return...

Tearful and Joyful Goodbyes (Women’s Panama Trip)

Posted by Team Leader on

There were a lot of tears. As the group was waiting for busses to pick them up after the morning worship and another message from Garciella, women and girls, one by one came up front to share. To share their gratitude, lessons learned, takeways, struggles and joys. Each talked about the impact...

Ice Cream for Jesus

Posted by Team Leader on

Today began with breakfast and songs of worship. What a beautiful experience to recognize a song even though it's in another language. Just another realization that God speaks ALL LANGUAGES. Graciela Matos is the key note speaker for the conference and a testimony to the Holy Spirit working...

Comfort Zone (Hungary Trip)

Posted by Team Leader on

Hello! I am Matthew Nuzzo, a few of you probably know of me already but for those who don't I will tell you a little about myself! I am 17 years old, the youngest member of our group, and I am quite the introvert. I decided to come on this trip because I wanted to serve God and push myself...

Random Evangelizing (Hungary Trip)

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Today at 9 am. we left the hotel and got on public transportation for a morning of random evangelism at various local universities in the beautiful city of Budapest.  We arrived at one of the downtown squares around 9:30 and waited for other team members to join us.  Everyone arrived...