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Sr. High Long Island Trip Day 5

Posted by Team Leader on

Hi everyone, Before you read, I want to give a special announcement as we wrap up this trip and final blog post. In the student blog posts you’ll read below, you will hear first and foremost everyone is ok! We had a few students and a leader get caught in a rip current at the beach and...

Sr. High Long Island Trip Day 4

Posted by Team Leader on

Welcome back to Day 4 of our mission trip blog! Crew 3 (Miles): My group was placed at the house of a man named Brian. The main thing we worked on today and yesterday was the flooring in one of the upstairs rooms. This room already had some flooring in it, but there was not enough to finish the...

Sr. High Long Island Trip Day 3

Posted by Team Leader on

Welcome back to our mission trip blog! Here are Day 3's highlights: Crew 3 (Belle): Today, my crew and I worked on the same house that we did for the past two days. We painted baseboards, grouted tiles, replaced some flooring, and fixed up doorframes. We had several conflicts with the flooring...

Sr. High Long Island Trip Day 2

Posted by Team Leader on

Welcome back! Here are some of today's highlights from each of our crews. Crew 3 (Caleb P): Today I helped out with a man named Brian. Brian’s home was devasted in hurricane Sandy. I helped them with painting and sanding a door frame so that later on this week we can paint the door...

Thailand Take Off


Posted by Team Leader on

Our Thailand team is ready to go. May God give us strength and favor as we serve Him. Taking off from Pittsburgh. Please pray for our safety and health over our two days of travel. 

Traveling Home

Posted by Team Leader on

We had one last morning at Palabra de Vida to eat a light breakfast before heading back to Panama City. We wanted to leave earlier because of the rush of people leaving the city because of the Pope. We left at 8:30am and headed to the city.  Before leaving, we took a picture at the Chame...

Emotional Send Off

Posted by Team Leader on

I woke up this morning knowing that we would be saying goodbye to the kids, but it wasn’t something I wanted to do. As I walked down to breakfast, it hit me that these kids were leaving. I saw them bring their things from the cabins to the main area and it started to sink in that we would...


Posted by Team Leader on

Please forgive that there was no blog yesterday.    We have been very busy and we get really tired.  So a good night's rest took precedence last night!  So now I post and  it is Friday am...our 7th day.     Curundu.  The inner city of...

Bubble Slide and Fair

Posted by Team Leader on

It was a packed day today. The kids did various activities throughout the afternoon, which included a huge bubble soap slide and a fair. The bubble slide was amazing - the kids weee smiling good the entire time. They got to play games with their teams in the bubbles and you can’t doubt the...

Aqua Games

Posted by Team Leader on

It's been a fantastic third day of camp.  It was pool games day, an event the camp refers to as "Aqua Pufa."  The children ecstatically participated in swim races, water tug of war, and a hilarious belly flop competition.  The kids are becoming increasingly engaged by their...