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RSH Panama Days 8 and 9: July 14 and 15

Posted by Team Leader on

Panama Day 8: Today marked our fourth and final day of service as performing or teaching teams. While the drama, puppet, and dance teams all went to schools to put on their last array of shows, the English team split up, with half going back to Tuesday’s school and the other half heading...

RSH Panama Days 6 and 7: July 12 and 13

Posted by Team Leader on

Today was the second day we visited schools. The puppet and dance teams performed for an elementary age group, while the drama team performed for the middle school age group at the same school, located about an hour and a half away from camp. The English team had the opportunity to watch both...

RSH Panama Day 5: Monday, July 11

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Today, everyone was anxious to showcase their hard work for the first time. The dance, puppet, and drama teams went to schools to perform in front of Panamanian students, and the English team went to a school near the city to help them practice basic English skills. The dance and puppet team...

RSH Panama Day 4: Sunday July 10

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Today was the first day we left Palabra de Vida as a group. After getting up and eating breakfast at 8:30, the team split into four groups and headed off to a few different churches around Chame and Panama City. Included in the mix of churches was the local one from which yesterday’s Bible...

RSH Panama Day 3: Saturday, July 9

Posted by Team Leader on

Today was a big day, as it was one of our first opportunities to show some love to the kids here in Chame. After we got up at 9 o’ clock and ate breakfast, everyone headed down to the pool area to prepare games and activities for the orphans from Metro Amigo. With a plethora of...

RSH Panama Day 2: Friday July 8

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Our second day in Panama began after a full night of (much needed) rest. After a breakfast of pancakes and bacon, the teams broke off to start practicing again. The drama performers, who finally finished their first day of practice around 10 o’clock the previous evening, started up...

RSH Panama Day One: Thursday, July 7

Posted by Team Leader on

The Bible Chapel Panama 2016 Group was due into Tocumen  a little before 9 pm on Wednesday, June 6. We got here a little before midnight. Despite a few delays in Atlanta, we all arrived safely to our destination and made it through customs, boarding the buses which then took us to...

Last Day: The Turning Point

Posted by Team Leader on

I’ve felt so many different things on this trip. It has been exhausting both physically and emotionally. I’ve met so many different amazing people that have impacted my life so deeply that I don’t think I could ever forget a single one of them. Over the past week we have been...

Blackberries in BeechMont

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Today the blackberry group was on breakfast crew. Breakfast crew is when you group prepares breakfast for the entire group. After we did devotions in the morning our group left for Kids Club which is basically a V.B.S for the whole summer. My main focus for Kids Club was discovery. In discovery...

Old Friends and New Experiences

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  Shelby:   This is day two of serving at the Salvation Army.   We were expecting to be put at a different work site because we were at the Salvation Army last year. Anxiously, we waited for the list of groups and where they were serving. All the sudden we saw our last...