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Fireside Commitments

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Thursday kicked off with a special treat. Our team woke up extra early to enjoy a hike up one of the highest mountains near the camp. The gracious camp staff prepared sandwiches and drinks for us, and a few of them joined us and guided us up the mountain. This was a refreshing time for our team...

Wednesday Hump Day


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We'll start Wednesday's entry with the names of all of our mission team members: Jon Dixon (Team Leader), his wife Julie and their son, Daniel; Brian Dieseroth (Co-Leader); Fernando Ascencio, his wife Lorraine, and their sons, Miguel, Elian, and Estefano; Steve Renz and his son, Nathan; and...

Tuesday's Activities!

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Tuesday began just like the day before - lovely 80 degree weather with a wonderful breeze. During our daily meeting with the team after breakfast, we were graced with the presence of Juanpi and Celia (and baby Emma), two of the workers the Bible Chapel prays for. They told us of the work they...

First Day of Camp

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Monday, continued...  As we were finishing our devotion, the campers started arriving. Some of the kids had to travel over two hours to get here. As the kids got off the bus they were warmly welcomed by the World of Life teen counselors. Our Bible Chapel team of 12 will be supporting the...

And The Week Begins!

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We all arrived at the Word of Life Camp on Sunday around mid day and began unpacking around 20 fullsize suitcases full of clothes and shoes for the children, as well as craft supplies and carnival games and toys. Thank you for your generous giving! After sorting the donations and settling into...

Smooth Trip, Safe Arrival


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Our travel to Panama could not have gone more smoothly!  Much grace was given us at the Delta check-in, and all flights were uneventful. Never has the Panamanian airport been more quiet, nor the customs process less crowded. It was as if God cleared the airport just for us!  Traci...

Packing Party!

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Great team and great teamwork!  On Tuesday evening we packed 16+ suitcases brimming full of carnival prizes, craft items, clothing, and other items with which we hope to bless the summer camp attendees and the workers in Panama.  Please pray for safe travels, good health, and...

Day 3 - Embera Drua Indian Tribe

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I give thanks and praise to the Lord, all the wise Creator. The one who made heaven and earth. For the glorious splendor of His majesty of His all inspiring creation. On Oct 6, I had an experience I will never forget. As we ventured to visit an indigenous tribe of Embera Drua people by canoe on...

Day 2 - Piriati Indian Village

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Today we drove about 2 1/2 hours to an Indian village called Piriati. Just as we arrived, a rain storm made unloading the van an adventure. The ground was so slippery that Violetta fell in the mud in her beautiful white linen outfit.  We have given her the nickname "Mud Woman." God...

RSH Panama Day 10 (FINAL DAY!): Saturday, July 16

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Panama Day 10: As quickly as the time seemed to fly by, today marks the last day of our 2016 Panama trip. Although we had anticipated climbing a small mountain near the camp, a rainstorm yesterday evening created slippery, unsafe conditions which forced us to cancel our trek. Everyone was okay...