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Our First Full Day in Mae Sot


Posted by Jaclyn Royall on

Today was our first full day here in Mae Sot! Yesterday when we landed we jumped right into things here. We met Maria and Grace at the airport, dropped out luggage off at our hotel, and headed out to the village. Maria, and all the girls at Faith House do such a wonderful job of ministering to...

Don't judge a book by its cover


Posted by Jaclyn Royall on

When Ryan talked to me about coming on this trip I remember him saying "Jaclyn, for you, this trip will be the best trip you can take! You need to go on this trip." I remember thinking "Ryan has a tendency to over exaggerate things, I'm sure it's cool, but it can't be that great." Man was I...

Sometimes you just have to roll with it


Posted by Jaclyn Royall on

It's currently about 6:40 a.m. and I am sitting outside trying to put into words my experiences from yesterday. I feel like no matter what I say, yesterday could never be summed up into adequate words. I think if you ask any Christian they will tell you that being stretched out of their comfort...

Kenya Day 2

Posted by Jaclyn Royall on

It’s hard to put into words the emotions you feel during this trip. Honestly, I know every day we will all be hit with new waves of emotions as we encounter new people and experiences. While we have seen the slums and met the children from there, we have yet to go beyond AIC Zion and into...