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Day one on the mountain top


Posted by Brad Sommerfeldt on

Thank you very much for your prayers for our safety and community. Praise God we had an uneventful trip getting down to ASP. The students received a preview of what projects their groups will be doing during the week, and tomorrow they will receive further instructions. Some of the projects...

Eastern Shores Virginia - Day #3

Posted by Brad Sommerfeldt on

Before the serving began, my group was assigned to breakfast duty for today. While we were in the kitchen, we were listening to music to wake us up and trying to make it really fun. My group, the Spider-man group, had the opportunity to serve at Kids Club. We worked with the other church at Kids...

Eastern Shores Virginia - Day #2


Posted by Brad Sommerfeldt on

This afternoon, my group was blessed with the chance to serve for a second day at Kid’s Club. It is an amazing environment containing a summer camp for the children on the island to attend, and for many, a rare chance to create a positive memory amidst the many trials they face on a...

Eastern Shores Virginia - Day #1


Posted by Brad Sommerfeldt on

It's Monday – so it’s our first day of serving. I've known for a while now that this work is my calling, but for one of the first times ever I've really felt affirmation on that passion. We got here yesterday and it seemed as though nothing was going according to my plan...

11 hours later....


Posted by Brad Sommerfeldt on

Well, we made it safe and sound to the Eastern Shores of Virginia!! Our expectation was that the trip was going to take roughly 9 hours for us to reach our destination. After a few emergency bathroom stops and a long lunch break, we made it to our destination in a little over 11 hours. It was a...