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Aqua Games

Posted by Team Leader on

It's been a fantastic third day of camp.  It was pool games day, an event the camp refers to as "Aqua Pufa."  The children ecstatically participated in swim races, water tug of war, and a hilarious belly flop competition. 

The kids are becoming increasingly engaged by their counselors and the Biblical messages given to them.  The leaders have developed strong bonds with the children, myself included despite the language barrier.  It's amazing to see that no matter their upbringing or background, every one of the kids responds to love.

I've had a wonderful experience spending time with the kids in my group.  They're energetic and joyful, if a tad rambunctious.  They run, jump, and roll all over the campus with complete abandon.  One child in particular really likes my sunglasses and wears them with a smug grin that always manages to bring a smile to my face.  

I'm amazed at the impact the camp has had on these children and excited to see what God has plans to do through it this week.  Many children have already been saved and I pray that all of them will come to accept the Gospel.



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