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And we're off! Well, most of us...

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What a sweet picture of the 2019 Panama Women’s Conference Mission Team at the Pittsburgh Airport as they’re about to board the plane on the first leg of their mission trip to Panama!  These are the excited, expectant faces of Cheryl Colussy, Marcia Shaffer, and Paula Keebler.  There’s one team member missing, though, and that would be me, Bernice Fink.  I stepped forward as the team leader earlier this year, then got hurt, had meniscus repair surgery a few weeks ago, and finally didn’t feel my knee was strong enough for me to go.  I am disappointed, but at peace.  What a joy it was, though, to fully take part in the trip up to this point!  And I am thrilled to pass the banner to Cheryl, who will lead the trip on the ground in Panama – she’s back in the saddle again! 

As we prayed, planned, and prepared, we were encouraged to see the sovereign hand of God as he moved to bring such a strong, loving, generous, fun, and capable team together.  So many spiritual gifts shone through as we spent time together in the preparatory Bible study sessions.  We saw God provide the finances through you, His people, and He provided people who would help us obtain crafting materials (thank you Gail Askew and friends!) and other gifts for the women.  We even found out that the hand wax warming machine that was taken to Panama years ago for the Women’s Conference still works!  We (maybe only I?) were concerned about the weight of the items we’d be taking for the women, especially once it was determined that I couldn’t go (with my two pieces of luggage).  Praise God, we got everything in!  Seriously, we had only OUNCES to spare in each piece of luggage (I’m talking 49.6 lbs., 49.8 lbs., 49.5 lbs. etc.).  I think my heart took up some of the weight in each piece, but there’s nothing I can do about that! 

Many of you agreed to pray for the team, and for that we are most grateful.  During the two days before the Women’s Conference which begins Friday evening, the team will be visiting the Metro Amigo Orphanage and traveling by boat to visit an Indian Village near Gamboa.  Please pray they’ll be a sweet, loving presence in these places, and that God will use their visit in mighty ways.  Also please pray for:

  • Protection from illness and injury.
  • Unity, cooperation, patience, and humility as they serve together.
  • For Cheryl as she didn’t expect to have to lead the team in Panama!
  • That God will prepare them for any unexpected situations that may occur – and they do!
  • For the Word of Life Panama missionaries as they prepare for the Conference. 

And I’ll be here, praying the same…  Stay tuned for more updates on the Panama Women’s Conference Mission trip!


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Fernando Ascencio Oct 17, 2019 5:56pm

Praying you all made it safe to WOL!!!
May His purposes be accomplished through you. We will be praying!!