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And So It Begins (Panama Women)

Posted by Team Leader on

We walked through the streets of Casco Viejo and saw Panama from the shore line. Traci took us past some people selling things and we talked to a man and woman. Traci shared the gospel with them and both accepted Christ. It was such a good reminder to stop where you are and share Jesus with those you encounter. She carries tracks with her, specifically sharing the gospel of John and being able to see the Holy Spirit work through her was fantastic. 

We stopped at what would be considered a Walmart and picked up more supplies for the conference. Things that were important for us to purchase were wash cloths and bars of soap. Many of these women are coming to the conference on scholarship and can’t afford basic essentials. We also got some non essentials like nail polish and make up because we’re women and ya know ... 

Do any of you work in Pittsburgh? Do you take Green Tree Hill at 7:30 a.m.? Panamanian traffic is like a million times worse! Good thing Traci has zero fear driving! We headed to the Word of Life Camp after and got there early enough to begin putting together the gift bags.  

We met Lady, Yin Di, Ardois, Leslie, Celia, Emma, Bianca, and so many more!! We talked about it a bit yesterday regarding Metro Amigo and how we’ve all heard about these women and it’s a huge blessing to finally meet them! 

Thank you so much for your donations and support. We packed 150 gift bags that’s the women received as they came into the conference Friday night. 

We’re excited for Saturday morning where the real fun begins!! 

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