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A Little Less American

Posted by Team Leader on

Hi, How are you? THE American greeting we have been warned never to use. Asking will either provide enough information about a Hungarian to fill out their medical history form or if we say this in passing, we will offend. The Hungarian will feel we are rude to ask a question but not wait for a response.

CRU observes a World Wide Day Of Prayer each year among every employee. This year presented a conundrum, WWDOF coincided with the American Mission Teams participation with B.H.H.P.  (Bringing to the Hungarian Harvest Project) Much to my delight as well as the team, an invitation to participate was extended to us.

After breakfast, a leisurely stroll in the rain and a trolley ride to a coffee shop where in true flash mob status, we took over the shop. As CRU set up, the Americans enjoyed delicious chocolate beverages. The prayer meeting started a little after 9 a.m. After being divided into groups, each table of participants was given an en envelope of verses, each concerning the subject of Praising God. Which was this years' WWDOP theme. Every person at every table read a verse, then prayed til the pages of designated verses had all been read. We were allotted a half hour for this envelope. A two song praise break and we had our next envelope- all about man and his creation. Another half hour and so it went til 1 o'clock. Ending with CRU asking the Americans to move to an outside terrace, form a circle and then the Hungarian staff placed hands on us and simultaneously prayed over us. The first such experience I have ever been a part of. Moving to say the least.

Was this an easy activity? No. Praying out loud can make us self conscious.  I also wonder if our prayer life is Americanized. Hi God, How are you? We are asking as a passing greeting, not the beginning of a conversation with our Father.    

By 1 o'clock Meagan needed food. We enjoyed fellowship and lunch with Gabi and Mara at the university cafeteria and following the tasty treats, we put our hearts and minds on the task at hand: random evangelism to the students on the Corvenus University. Today was successful, we were busy about our Fathers' work and we made some good contacts among the students. We pray that those that seemed moved to attend tonights' college get together will do so. Cold canvassing is also an intimidating activity but we each grew today. Grew bolder in Him, grew more obedient, grew closer in our walk with Him. But I pray we also grew less American in how we treat prayer. As well as in the connections we are trying to form with the Hungarian kids.  Today I will ask, "Hi, how are you?" but I will slow down and listen to the response. We came to Hungary to share the Gospel and along the journey, in God's perfect plan, we have grown.

In closing, Happy Wednesday. How are you? I really care.

Shining His Light In Hungary,

Kimberly Chance


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