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Trip Blog

Home Sweet Home (Hungary Trip)

Posted by Scott Cowden on

It's remarkable how a trip can seem to go so fast yet so slow at the same time.  While in my head I know it was only one week, it felt much longer, but in a good way.  At the same time, looking back i feel like it just flew by. It was amazing to help out with BHHP, and it's not...

Reflections from the Trip (Women's Panama)

Posted by Team Leader on

As we returned home tonight and looked out of the window of the plane, the sun was setting over the clouds.  Just as Jesus the Son is the light of the world (John 8:12) and will return again, the sun is also the light of the world and will return...

Tearful and Joyful Goodbyes (Women’s Panama Trip)

Posted by Team Leader on

There were a lot of tears. As the group was waiting for busses to pick them up after the morning worship and another message from Garciella, women and girls, one by one came up front to share. To share their gratitude, lessons learned, takeways, struggles and joys. Each talked about the impact...

Ice Cream for Jesus

Posted by Team Leader on

Today began with breakfast and songs of worship. What a beautiful experience to recognize a song even though it's in another language. Just another realization that God speaks ALL LANGUAGES. Graciela Matos is the key note speaker for the conference and a testimony to the Holy Spirit working...

(Hungary Trip) Last Day in Budapest

Posted by Meagan Lingenhoel on

Wow, what an amazing last day to a wonderful trip! My name is Meagan Lingenhoel and I have been on the Hungary Missions Trip this past week along with 8 other "Bible Chapelers." I grew up here in the great city of Budapest as a missionary kid, and jumped at the opportunity to go back to see...

Comfort Zone (Hungary Trip)

Posted by Team Leader on

Hello! I am Matthew Nuzzo, a few of you probably know of me already but for those who don't I will tell you a little about myself! I am 17 years old, the youngest member of our group, and I am quite the introvert. I decided to come on this trip because I wanted to serve God and push myself...

Random Evangelizing (Hungary Trip)

Posted by Team Leader on

Today at 9 am. we left the hotel and got on public transportation for a morning of random evangelism at various local universities in the beautiful city of Budapest.  We arrived at one of the downtown squares around 9:30 and waited for other team members to join us.  Everyone arrived...

And So It Begins (Panama Women)

Posted by Team Leader on

We walked through the streets of Casco Viejo and saw Panama from the shore line. Traci took us past some people selling things and we talked to a man and woman. Traci shared the gospel with them and both accepted Christ. It was such a good reminder to stop where you are and share Jesus with...

Midweek Reflection (Hungary Trip)


Posted by Team Leader on

Hello dear readers, it's Scott Cowden again. Now that we are half way though our trip to Hungary I wanted to take a moment to stop and reflect a bit before going into the excitement of another fulfilling day.  When I first decided that I wanted to go on this crazy trip to Hungary, I really...

Hit the Ground Running

Posted by Team Leader on

We arrived safely to Panama on Wednesday afternoon and became fast friends with Traci. Our entire team are first timers to Panama.  Wednesday night we went to Curundu where friends of Traci work. They feed the homeless in the ghetto on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week. They let us...